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Polyester Filter Bag with Lower Energy Consumption Cement Industry Support

Polyester Filter Bag with Lower Energy Consumption Cement Industry Support

  • High Light

    cement filter bag


    dust filter bag

  • Usage
    Air Filter,For Air Dust Collector
  • Type
    Pleated Filter Bag,Dust Filter Bag
  • Material Of Bag
  • Size
  • Product Name
    PP Industrial Dust Collector Pleated Filter Bag For Dust Filter,Wholesale Price P84+PTFE Pleated Polyester Dust Collector Filter Bag
  • Material
    Polyester Fiber,PP,Fiberglass,Fiberglass / P84 / PTFE / Nomex
  • Application
    Industry Dust Collector,Dust Collector Bag House,Cement Industry
  • Color
  • Working Temperature
    160-180deg C,280 Degree,120-150°C
  • Shape
    Round/Flat/Custonized,Custom Requirement
  • Name
    Pleated Filter Bag
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard overseas package
  • Delivery Time
    3-6 weeks
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    3000 pcs per month

Polyester Filter Bag with Lower Energy Consumption Cement Industry Support


Detailed Product Description
Material: Polyester, Nomex, PPS, P84, Or Others Type: High Effience
Scope Of Application: Air Purifier, Filter, Compressor, Paint Baking Room, Fan, Vacuum Cleaner Usage: Air
Brand: Runningfilter


Main technical characteristics of folded fabric bags


The folded bag is a new technology suitable for the existing pulse jet bag filter. The technology does not need any structural changes to the bag filter, and the design of the bag, the core component of the filter, is almost revolutionary improved.


1) Direct substitution of the existing circular (elliptical) filter bag and keel of the dust collector without structural modification of the main equipment.

2) According to the design and requirements of the system, the filter area can be increased by 50%-150%.

3) Reduce the pressure difference of the system significantly, thereby improving the overall performance of the system and the service life of the cloth bag.

4) Reduce the frequency of cleaning or extend the interval of cleaning by a large margin

5) Compared with ordinary cloth bags, the efficiency of pulse ash removal (the same filter material) is obviously improved because of its special structure.

6) With the increase of effective bag spacing, the airflow rising speed between bags decreases, which greatly optimizes the effect of online ash removal.

7) The special design of bag/keel greatly reduces the fatigue damage and intermittent emission caused by pulse injection.

8) The keel has no transverse supporting ring and large effective contact area, which completely avoids the direct impact on the cloth bag.

9) The filter area can be increased and the length of the cloth bag can be shortened to optimize the operation of the system.

10) greatly reduce the amount of compressed air and the load of air compressor and pulse valve

11) Load of fan is greatly reduced and energy consumption of system is significantly reduced.

12) The cost of system maintenance (energy consumption, auxiliary equipment, parts and manpower) has decreased significantly.

13) Any existing filters (polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, PPS, aramid, P84, PTFE, glass fibers and all kinds of filters that meet the requirements of the system and their various treatments, including PTFE coating) may be used.



Power Plant

( coal fired)

Non-desulfurization conditions PPS 550 PPS/PTFE FL
desulfurization conditions PPS 580-600 PPS FL
Electric bag complex conditions PPS/PPS+PTFE 550 PPS/PTFE FL

Power Plant

( coal fired)

Waste power plant (pure waste) PPS/PTFE/P84 550 PPS/PTFE FL

Power Plant

( coal fired)

Garbage power plant (domestic waste mixed with coal) PPS 580-600 PPS FL

Power Plant

( coal fired)

Biomass power generation




550-750 PPS/PTFE FL
Polyester Filter Bag with Lower Energy Consumption Cement Industry Support