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Sintered Plate Industrial Dust Collector Oil Mist Dedusting 90 - 630㎡ Flow Area

Sintered Plate Industrial Dust Collector Oil Mist Dedusting 90 - 630㎡ Flow Area

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    industrial sawdust collection systems


    powder coating dust collector

  • Product Name
    Bag And Cyclone Type Dust Collector
  • Material
    Carbon Steel
  • Flow Area
  • Airflow
  • Application
    Special Conditions For Oil And Mist Dedusting
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
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    Wooden cases package
  • Delivery Time
    30-60 days
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    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    500 pcs per year

Sintered Plate Industrial Dust Collector Oil Mist Dedusting 90 - 630㎡ Flow Area

Sintered Plate Industrial Dust Collector Oil Mist Dedusting 90 - 630㎡ Flow Area



SDC Sintered Plate Dust Collector


Design Features

1. Efficient and quick configuration and selection according to different working conditions and system requirements;
2. Greatly reduce the design and production cycle and management costs;
3. All the equipments are bolted, which greatly reduces the difficulty of installation and transportation of the equipment;
4. The filter element is easy to remove and maintain.

Model AirFlow(m³/h) Filter Area
Bags Qty
Gas Consumption
SDC90 5000 90 10 1615*2010*4433 1500 0.665
SDC180 10000 180 20 2292*2010*4433 2015 0.665
SDC270 15000 270 30 3093*2010*4433 2705 0.665
SDC360 20000 360 40 4164*2010*4433 3360 0.665
SDC450 25000 450 50 4923*2010*4433 4000 0.665
SDC540 30000 540 60 5724*2010*4433 4560 0.665
SDC630 35000 630 70 6525*2010*4433 5250 0.665

The sintered plate is a rigid filter plate which is composed of various polymer compound powders and is made into a matrix by a special sintering process and coated with an ultrafine coating on the surface thereof. Because the raw materials are all plastic, it is also called "plastic burning board".
Auzoer cooperates with Nippon Steel Mine to introduce its sintering plate technology, which is fully represented and applied to the treatment of special dust in the tire industry.


Material and manufacturing characteristics
1. The wave type plastic burning plate is formed by one-shot sintering of the polymer compound, instead of using an adhesive to connect the two filter plates;
2. The temperature resistance of the product is mainly divided into normal temperature, heat resistance 110 ° and heat resistance 160 °;
3. There are two types of anti-static type and acid-resistant type, which are widely used.




Shape characteristics
1. High-strength "trapezoidal plate", the outer shape of the filter plate is wave-shaped;
2. If it is spread out in a plane, the surface area is enlarged by 3 times, which greatly reduces the size of the equipment compared with the conventional cloth bag.




The flow simulation is used to optimize the flow field layout to ensure the capture effect.
1. There is no eddy current and uniform gas flow in the control range;
2, the capture range is large, the same amount of wind, the capture effect is good;


Long service time
The sintered plate is extremely strong, and there is no need to worry about the damage. The raw material itself has rigidity and the inside does not inhale dust. Therefore, it can be used stably for a long time, and the service life is up to 5 years. The general working condition is no problem in 10 years.